Superman comics

Supoerman (Volume 3) 0-52 series + Annuals + Future End
57 series | 2011-2016 year
~4000 мegabytes
The new adventures of Superman begin right here! How will the world around the Man of Steel change? How will this affect Lois Lane and the Daily Planet? There is no time for answers, because Superman must stop the terrible threat that he himself could become!
Supoerman (Volume 2) 0-226 series + Annuals
230 series | 1987-2006 year
2400 мegabytes
Released in 1987, a series about the Man of Steel. Superman comes face-to-face with an enemy who is capable of killing him. But, who is this Metallo, and where does the source of his forces come from? How does this relate to an abandoned laboratory that Superman found a little earlier?
Superman (Volume 1) 0-423, 688-714 series + Annuals
484 series | 1939-1986, 2006-2008 year
~10000 мegabytes
A devastating catastrophe is on the distant planet. Knowing this, the scientist sends his only son to Earth. Here he was sheltered by the Kent family. But they did not know what kind of power a child has. Having matured, Clark Kent began to fight for truth and justice under the name Superman.