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Moon Knight (Volume 8) 1-14 series
14 series | 2016-2017 year
800 мegabytes
A new ongoing about the Moon Knight will find something to surprise you. The story, written by Jeff Lemir and illustrated yet little-known, but high-profile artist Greg Smallwood, managed to gain many rave reviews and comments. Madness in a good way is how you can characterize this series. At the moment, five issues have already been translated,
Moon Knight (Volume 7) 1-17 series
17 series | 2014-2015 year
1000 мegabytes
The seventh volume of the adventures of the Lunar Knight - a hero with a splitting of personalities. Or not? Let me introduce: Mark Spector, he's Jake Lockley, he's Steven Grant and, most importantly, the Moon Knight. A mentally ill person, fighting for justice at night. But is he really sick?
Moon Knight (Volume 6) 1-12 series
12 series | 2011-2012 year
231.1 мegabytes
Mark Spector is a madman. Once he died, but Khonsu - the Egyptian god of the moon - brought him back to life. And now Mark became his avatar - Moon Knight, protecting the night travelers. But is everything so good?
Moon Knight (Volume 5) 1-30 series + Special
31 series | 2006-2009 year
441.2 мegabytes
Mark Spector appeared in Los Angeles as a producer and author of the idea of a super popular TV show "Legends of Honshu". Being a Lunar Knight, he intercepted Iltrone's illegal transfer of the robot body. It is not known who was behind all this, but the Moon Knight barely got out alive from the fierce battle.
Moon Knight (Volume 4) High Strangers 1-4 series
4 series | 1999 year
48.2 мegabytes
Abandoned to die near the Egyptian temple, mentally unbalanced mercenary Mark Spector believed that he had been resurrected by the ancient deity Honshu to become his incarnation on Earth. At nightfall, Spector dresses in Khonshu's mantle, eradicating the darkness, like the Moon Knight.
Moon Knight (Volume 3) Resurrection War 1-4 series
4 series | 1998 year
48.6 мegabytes
He was a hero. He had everything, and even more. There was a friend. There was a mistress. There was a life you could only read about in legends. But that was many years ago. Before he lost a friend. I lost my love. I lost my god. I lost myself. More is no longer a hero. Just a man. Just a person sitting alone in the room. Remembering when it all
Moon Knight (Volume 2) Fist Of Khonshu 1-6 series
6 series | 1985 year
54 мegabytes
He was a soldier. Was a mercenary. The killer. And then he was a hero. Mark Spector once jumped from the roofs, straightening his cloak to meet the night, and fell on the streets and bad people downstairs. Bringing pain. Bringing retribution. Doing all this in the name of his lord Honshu. God of Vengeance. The God of the Moon. He took the name of
Moon Knight (Volume 1) 1-38 series + Specials
41 series | 1980-1984 year
440.3 мegabytes
Mercenary Mark Spector served on the southern border of Egypt, until one fine day his life changed forever. What was the origin of the hero? What happened to Mark? See how the Moon Knight appeared!
Captain America and the Falcon 1-14 series
14 series | 2004-2005 year
189.5 мegabytes
A small series of comics that dates back to the end of 2004. This time, it's about the battle of two popular characters - Falcon and Captain America. It is worth recalling that after the events described in the "Avengers Disintegration", the Scarlet Witch temporarily returned to Sokol his identity as a criminal. Ahead of this new incredible battle
Captain America Sentinel of Liberty 1-12 series
12 series | 1998-1999 year
86.4 мegabytes
Collects Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty (1998) #1-12 and Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty Rough Cut (1998). Written by MARK WAID, JAMES FELDER, BRIAN K. VAUGHAN and ROGER STERN. Art by RON GARNEY, DOUGIE BRAITHWAITE, STEVE MANNION, CULLY HAMMER, WALTER MCDANIEL, ANTHONY WILLIAMS, RON FRENZ and STEVE HARRIS. Cover by RON GARNEY. During
Captain America Steve Rogers 1-16 series
16 series | 2016-2017 year
~700 мegabytes
Steve Rogers, to which his strength and youth have returned, continues his superhero career as Captain America. However, it soon becomes clear that the Red Skull, with the help of the space cube, "brainwashes" him and changes his memory, as a result of which he lures the superhero to his side ...
Captain America Sam Wilson 1-21 series
21 series | 2015-2017 year
~1000 мegabytes
Comics are very much filled with politics and patriotism. And this is what you always expect from ongoing about Cap. Here are raised really important topics of our daily life, which make us think about some things. And the main thing is that you do not expect this from Spencer (the author of the series). The picture here is nothing, but during the
All-New Captain America 1-6 series + Special
6 series | 2015 year
~350 мegabytes
Continuation of the previous 7th volume of Captain America, only now in the face of the black patriot Sam Wilson (Falcon) and with a new adorable artist. After giving his shield to Sam, Steve Rogers goes on a well-deserved rest with his new-found lady. Falcon with Ayan is sent to his first serious task ...
Captain America (Volume 7) 1-25 series
25 series | 2013-2014 year
945.5 мegabytes
Capu turns 90 years old and not only the eccentric beauty Sharon wants to congratulate Steve Rogers ...
Captain America (Volume 6) 1-19 series
19 series | 2011-2012 year
311.2 мegabytes
Everything was heard about comics. This is what literally pulls you and makes you a fan in a short time. They can also become a common hobby for children and adults, because they are interesting for both. One such comic book is "Captain America", Volume 6. If you like superheroics and modern spy action movies, then you will quickly become a fan of
Captain America (Volume 5) 1-50,600-640 series
93 series | 2005-2013 year
2770 мegabytes
Almost the entire story of the character's publications, however, Captain America was the alter ego of Steve Rogers, a sickly young man who was reinforced with expert serum before the peak of human perfection, in order to help US military operations. Captain America wears a suit that uses the American flag motif and is armed with an indestructible
Captain America (Volume 4) 1-32 series
32 series | 2002-2004 year
268.8 мegabytes
In the comics themselves, the Appeal "Captain America" applies to anyone who is chosen by the US government (who considers himself "owning" a person) to wear a suit and shield. Almost the entire story of the character's publications, however, Captain America was the alter ego of Steve Rogers, a sickly young man who was reinforced with expert serum
Captain America (Volume 3) 1-50 series
50 series | 1998-2002 year
327.2 мegabytes
Captain America is one of the most famous superheroes in the world. Its creators - Joe Simon and Jack Kirby - first breathed life into it in the comic book of the same name, which was released in 1941. He appeared at the right time in the right place - America just needed a hero, in which even the children would find solace. Success was secured -
Captain America (Volume 2) 1-13 series
13 series | 1996-1997 year
131.7 мegabytes
The captain appeared after a guy named Steve Rogers introduced an experimental serum, which was designed to make a normal person a super soldier.The costume of the hero repeats the motive of the American flag, and its main weapon is a shield made of heavy metal, capable of withstanding the force of any blow and absorbing any vibration. He was most
Captain America (Volume 1) 100-454 series
354 series | 1968-1996 year
2660 мegabytes
The first volume is "Captain America", which continues the numbering of Tales Of Suspense. It lasted until 1996, when Marvel restarted several series in connection with the events described in Onslaught.
Tales of Suspense 1-99 series
99 series | 1959-1968 year
948.7 мegabytes
Starting with issue # 59 (November 1964), the Iron Man begins to "share" the series with Captain America. Jack Kirby, who created Captain America in the Golden Age of the comics of the 1940s, introduced the hero to the Avengers team in early 1964, while continuing to work on solo comics about the character. In issue # 63 (March 1965), editor and
Captain America Comics 1-78 series
78 series | 1941-1954 year
2320 мegabytes
THE FIRST STATEMENT OF CAPTAIN AMERICA. Yes, yes, you did not misinterpret, 45th, increased size, all persimmon. Well, Hitler, sniping on schschshchsam on the cover. What could be better?
The Punisher No Escape
50 pages | 1990 year
14.1 мegabytes
Download and view online The Punisher No Escape for free
Doctor Strange Punisher Magic Bullets Infinite Comic 1-8 series
8 series | 2016 year
300 мegabytes
Download best comics for free - Doctor Strange Punisher Magic Bullets Infinite Comic
Daredevil Punisher Seventh Circle Infinite Comic 1-8 series
8 series | 2016 year
300 мegabytes
Download free comics Daredevil Punisher Seventh Circle Infinite Comic (Best comics)
Punisher:Trial of the Punisher 1-2 series
2 series | 2013 year
65.8 мegabytes
One very sunny day, a very strange visitor came to the police department of New York. His face flashed on all the posters "In search of", in the bag on his shoulder lay a terrible load, and on the chest of the T-shirt stood a notorious skull. All this may mean only one thing ... that the Punisher decided to surrender to the authorities.
Punisher Nightmare 1-5 series
5 series | 2013 year
170 мegabytes
Download for free Punisher Nightmare Complete
Untold Tales Of The Punisher MAX 1-5 series
5 series | 2012 year
95.3 мegabytes
Not long ago, the company Marvel released five independent van Shoots about the Punisher, united, I do not know for what purpose, in one limit called "The Untold Stories of the Punisher MAX." All stories were written by different authors and, of course, differed greatly in quality. That's why the whole limit will not be transferred. In the
Punisher In the Blood 1-5 series
5 series | 2011 year
223.1 мegabytes
This miniseries serves as an epilogue to the seventh volume and in some way a prologue to the eighth, so if you want to have a complete picture of the Adventures of the Punisher in your head, you simply can not miss it.
The Punisher (MAX Presents) Barracuda 1-5 series
5 series | 2007 year
166.3 мegabytes
Yo-Yo-Yo, Brothers of the Negro! I hope you know who I am? I am the Barracuda!
Punisher vs. Bullseye 1-5 series
5 series | 2006 year
48.5 мegabytes
Bloody, cruel and extremely amusing grinder from Daniel Wei and Steve Dillon! You've all read about the confrontation between Punisher and Labeled in PunisherMAX, now we suggest that you take a look at the merry pugilist two psychopaths in 616!
The Punisher Captain America Blood and Glory 1-3 series
3 series | 1992 year
284.9 мegabytes
Download comics The Punisher Captain America Blood and Glory
The Punisher Holiday Special 1-3 series
3 series | 1993-1995 year
59.5 мegabytes
Download complete comics The Punisher Holiday Special for free
Daredevil vs. The Punisher Means and Ends 1-6 series
6 series | 2005-2006 year
25.3 мegabytes
The Punisher and Daredevil are both gunning for Hammerhead and the Jackal who have taken over organized crime in New York City with the Kingpin in prison.  The two vigilantes hunt the villains each in their own way.  Daredevil wants to gather enough evidence to throw them in jail forever; and the Punisher wanting to kill them ending their criminal
Wolverine Punisher 1-5 series
5 series | 2004 year
221.1 мegabytes
Punisher and Wolverine in the jungle against Napoleon.
Born 1-4 series
4 series | 2003 year
36.8 мegabytes
For the world, Frank Castle entered the warpath after the killing of his family. However, this series of comics tells of a universe where there are no superheroes with superpowers and the true reasons for the appearance of Punisher.
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