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Captain America (Volume 6) 1-19 series

Everything was heard about comics. This is what literally pulls you and makes you a fan in a short time. They can also become a common hobby for children and adults, because they are interesting for both. One such comic book is "Captain America", Volume 6. If you like superheroics and modern spy action movies, then you will quickly become a fan of this very story, because the comic very successfully combines these genres.
Ed Brubaker and Steve McNiven are two guys with unique abilities and not a bad sense of humor, who united in order to conduct an exciting and informative excursion to the exciting world of adventure, where the main thing is the struggle for truth and justice. The sixth volume is another story of the banal cap - Steve Rogers, who always wants to harm the main characters and restore the power of evil in the world of people. Despite the insidiousness and ingenuity of the forces of evil, the protagonists are victorious in this struggle.
According to the history of this comic, the film "The First Avenger" was filmed, so people who watched it did not need to get acquainted with the previous five volumes, but those who do not know the content of the film will conveniently read the magazine, because the script is arranged for new readers.шаблоны для dle 11.2
Number of series: 19
Size: 311.2 mb.
Language: English
Year: 2011-2012

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