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The original character known as wolverine (a.k.a. Logan a.k.a James Howlett) was a staple of the marvel comics universe since the mid 70's as part of the X-men, before gaining his own title in the early 80's which charted his adventures until his depicted death in 2014. like any character who has been around for such a long time in the ever exciting Marvel universe, wolverine has a long and complex history and has been handled by many writers over the years, however as one of the characters with the strongest, clearest personalities it can be argued that he has been portrayed with relative consistency across the years.
Wolverines persona has become the archetype for the grizzled 'anti-hero'. He is, at the heart of it, a killer. Although he has tried repeatedly over the years to distance himself from this role it is a role he finds it all to easy to slip back into. His character has often been used in teams (including X-men, X-force and the Avengers) to address the questions around the use of deadly force amongst a group of adventurers who do not want to kill, and many times he is included in a roster specifically because the leader knows there will come a time when lethal force is needed.
Wolverine is famous for his rapid healing factor, his unbreakable adamantium laced skeleton and his claws; 3 foot long razor sharp blades which spring from between the finger knuckles on the back of each hand. It was long though that the claws were bionic implants put in at the same time as the metal on his skeleton, and it wasn't until after a near fatal battle with Magneto, when his adamantium was ripped out, that he discovered he has bone claws as well.
In the course of his long career Logan was a brawler, an assassin, a samurai, a school teacher and a spy. He travelled all over the world, to parallel universes, to outer space and down to hell itself, however one constant has been the fact that wolverine was a very dangerous individual with terrifying capabilities, and there were always people and organisations looking to recruit him or control him. He gained his adamantium (and the first of many memory wipes)t the hands of a Black Ops lab (the weapon X project), he lost his adamantium at the hands of one villain (Magneto) causing him to regressed to a feral state before he regained his adamantium at the hands of another villain (Apocalypse). He has been brainwashed by governments, spy agencies, psychics and Hydra all with an interest in controlling what they view as a Weapon. It is this title that Logan fought the hardest to transcend, though he had little hope when even such stalwarts as captain America recruited him specifically to be a teams hatchet man.
Along with memory problems, smoking cigars, drinking beer, referring to people as 'bub' and calling Charles Xavier "chuck" to his face, Wolverines history is irrevocably bound up with adamantium, the fictional indestructible metal of the Marvel universe. He was selected for the weapon X project because his healing factor would offset the toxicity of the adamantium and allow him to both survive the process and continue walking around without dropping dead of poisoning. The fact is nicely alluded to in the 2017 film Logan, where it is acknowledged that after 50 years Logan is finally succumbing to the long term effects of adamantium poisoning. He was defined for his career as a brutish Beserker, strong and fearless, impervious to damage due to his rapidly healing flesh and unbreakable 350lb skeleton and able to slice through any obstacle or foe with his unbreakable razor sharp claws. Finally his death too came at the hands of the fateful metal, burned and soffocated by molten adamantium, and frozen forever as a kneeling statue.
The mantel of wolverine has now passed to Laura Kinney, also known as X-23, a female clone of Wolverine who was created by the still active weapon X project and trained as as an assassin in a torturous and dehumanising regime. She is a worthy successor to the mantle as she is a complex character who struggles with many of the same issues as the original wolverine. Traumatised and damaged by her upbringing she has a fearsome array of killing skills, but needs to learn when not to use them. While Logan spent years unable to remember his past he did have the hope of small glimpses of happy times in a life filled with tragedy. Laura has no such memories as her life has been hellish from the start, giving her the potential to be, if anything, an even darker character than the original.

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